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2020 Quilt Challenge

• Urban can be the design made by the layout of a city
• Urban can be about the people in that city
• Urban can be about the shapes, shadows, and lines of a city
• Urban can discuss ideas of city life
• Urban can tackle problems of cities
• Urban can be about the people, the animals, the traffic, the noise, the food, the smells, the shops, the city workers, and whatever else you can think of

To help give you a few ideas, try taking a look at this Mood Board, which has the outline of our Guild’s challenge, as well as a lot of ideas to fill our challenge theme of Urban. Click the arrow on the lower left to start the slideshow.

Blog · Quilt Rules

Modern Quilt Rule #1

The best and worst thing about modern quilting is that the rules are flexible. Quilters tend to like rules so stepping out into modern quilting can be scary.  Here’s the thing, the bendable rules can also open your mind to creative opportunities that you’d never consider otherwise.

I had was just finishing up a quilt for a friend. I was measuring for the binding and realized I was about 8 inches too short. 8 inches! Too much to fudge. Ugh! I was working with a deadline and I was just sick. I couldn’t get any more of that fabric, I decided it just wasn’t going to be finished in time. I was putting it all away when I found a piece of fabric that I was close enough to use without calling attention to itself.  It was pretty close but then I thought, “Why not call attention to it?” I ended up using a contrasting color. It looked fantastic and added a little artsy feel to the simple, traditional quilt. Since then, I always try to consider options outside my first thoughts.

What about you? What rules do you enjoy breaking? Do you feel guilty when you break a rule? (I still do sometimes.) What rules do you still keep no matter what?