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January 2020 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Minutes
January 4, 2020
Riverside Main Library
3581 Mission Inn Avenue, Riverside, CA 92501

The meeting was called to order at 2:05 p.m. by Gayle Bennett, President.

Welcome/Guest Speaker Introduction – Gayle

Gayle shared Latifah’s history as a founding member of the MQG and also the chapter of the MQG. 

Program – Latifah Saafir Lecture “How Many Ways to Sew a Curve?” 

Latifah, and her sister, learned to sew from their mother as a young child. She began quilting in 2009, her quilts were heavily influenced by her upbringing between LA and TX. Her earliest projects included bias binding and curves! She discussed her love of using bias tape for artistic elements on the quilt as well as for binding.  

Latifah shared her exploration into various techniques such as the six-minute circle method.  Latifah showed a variety of her quilts and shared the Clammy Journey with us! Latifah shared that she developed a technique called Pinless Piecing.  If you search her on Google, you can find the video that explains how the technique works. She said this technique was used in tandem with the Glammy Clammy!

She has designed three collections with Hoffman Fabrics – Graphic (inspired by LA graffiti street art), Double Dutch (dedicated to her urban childhood), and 1985 (inspired by the Hoffman Archives).

Break & Shopping at Latifah’s Pop-up Shop – Clammy, Clammy and more Clammy!

Guild Business – Gayle
Board 2020 Announced – Gayle, President; Candy Scott, Treasurer; Jennifer Adams, Secretary; VP(s) of Programs Becky Brekke and Laura Greene; VP of Communications, Elizabeth Eastmond; Hospitality, Pat Klassen; Membership, Judy Racine

Guild Communication – Gayle encouraged everyone to sign-up to follow our guild on Facebook and Instagram.  We utilize social media for announcements related to the meeting location (should a change be needed), upcoming events and other important announcements.  Jennifer shared that an email will be sent with an easy link to access updates and communications made to the guild website.  Please check your spam folder as sometimes those messages end up there. 

Road Challenge  – Attendance/Sign-in Reminder to sign-in in the lobby when you attend Road.  Last year we were lucky enough to win the challenge prize of $500.  We would love to win that again so please take a minute to sign-in on the iPads in the lobby at the Information Desk when you arrive!

Road Atrium Display Quilt Collection – Final Date 1/12/2020 Thanks for everyone that brought the quilts today. All quilts will be turned in to Road for display in the Atrium (lobby) at Road to California. Gayle’s husband, Mike, will come in to photograph our quilts (hopefully) prior to the start of the event.  Regardless we will get some wonderful pictures to commemorate the special honor! 

Gayle also mentioned that following the end of our meeting today, she asked if anyone has a minute to help her haul the 40+ quilts in her passion to her car, she would appreciate it!

Raffles – Gayle shared the current need for someone to assist on a monthly basis to sit at the table at the meeting and collect funds and hand out tickets.  This would be a one-month obligation and a sign-up list was sent around the room for anyone available/interested to sign-up! Gayle will make sure you are reminded just prior to your month so you’re aware. 

Charity – We are in need of someone to help coordinate our charity efforts.  The job is very fun and flexible.  This person would basically be responsible for determining a charity to donate our quilts and make a recommendation to the Board.  Gayle shared the importance of this role and the minimal time involved in this role.   

Programs – Becky

Sit & Sew – First Sit & Sew will be held two weeks from today on Saturday, January 18thfrom 10am-4pm at the Quilters Cocoon. 

February Program – Next month will be our very own Simone Bradford to share Color Theory with the guild.  You won’t want to miss it!

Block Lotto January 2020 – Simone

Simone shared our January/February block called Tri Ball.  Block is two raw geese and a rough-edge applique circle.  She showed wonderful examples of the possibilities for the block with several quilt examples.  Simone will have full instructions available and template available on her blog as well as on our guild blog later this week.  She’s asking that you do the triangles on the block be done in cool colors; applique circles in warm colors and neutral backgrounds. The block finishes at 7 ½”. You will receive a raffle ticket for however many completed blocks you bring. This is a very quick and easy block to make!  

Opportunity Quilt – Cat

We are on track to start assembling the blocks. It’s not particularly travel-friendly as it’s a large project (lots of 2 ½” blocks – lots of them!).  Cat is off the whole week of Road to CA if anyone is interested in coming by her home to help her sew and assemble the Opportunity Quilt.  Goal is to have the quilt completed by February. Please contact Cat if you’re interested and available to help.  Cat is also looking to borrow any available sewing machine for the project.  Cat provided a brief overview of the Opportunity Quilt project as a fundraiser for our guild.  This will continue for the next year and culminate (hopefully, booth space permitting) at Road to California in 2021.   

Show & Share – All: A variety of beautiful modern quilts were shared by the membership. 

Raffles – Pat

Winners of the fat quarter bundle prize for the revenue raffle and also the name tag raffle prize were presented with their prizes. 

Announcements & Adjournment – All

Bus trip to the Glendale Quilt Show on March 28th.  The bus ride includes an admission ticket and will leave from Redlands. Please see Evie for more information.

Bluprint (formerly known as Craftsy) is offering a free preview this weekend for anyone interested.  There are a lot of wonderful classes and free preview will be offered until January 7th.

Reminder, our meeting next month will be at the … continue reading

Minutes · Minutes General Board

December 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting Minutes
Via Conference Call
December 4, 2019

The following members were on conference call: Gayle, Jennifer, and Becky.

The 2020 Retreat at Vina de Lestonnac in Temecula will be November 9-11 (Mon – Wed). In order to secure this date, we need to send in our deposit this month. Jennifer motioned for Gayle to send a check for the deposit amount for the retreat; Becky seconded the motion. Motion passed. We will again have 10 rooms available (2 single rooms, 2 double rooms, and 6 triple rooms). Open registration will begin at the February meeting. The 2020 retreat fee rates will be as follows:

$241 – 3 person occupancy

$291 – 2 person occupancy

$391 – 1 person occupancy

Further details will be discussed at the February meeting.

Old Business

Committee Reports:

Treasurer, Gayle for Cat

Gayle confirmed reconciliation of the bank account. Gayle proposed that we open a savings account in addition to our checking account at Chase Bank. We will put the proceeds of deposits for the retreat in the savings account so that the checking account balance is not skewed. Jennifer motioned to establish a savings account to move over retreat funds; Becky seconded the motion; motion passed. We will need to change signers on the bank account to reflect the new treasurer, Candy and Co-VP Programs, Becky. Jennifer motioned to adjust signers on the checking account and soon to be savings account; Gayle seconded the motion. Motion passed.

Programs, Becky

December: Christmas Party

Prize for the Big Box game will be a $25 Quilter’s Cocoon gift card. We will also have 2 drawings for 2 sets of modern fat quarters.

January: Latifah Saafir; Becky will try to see if the Main Library community room is available on January 4th. If so, she will contact Latifah asap to advise of location change.

February: Simone Bradford, Color Theory.  Currently 27 color wheels are on back order per Cat’s last correspondence with Gayle. Gayle to send Becky a copy of the receipt for her follow up.

Opportunity Quilt, All

Jennifer motioned for Cat to start piecing the Opportunity Quilt as per her final picture emailed to Gayle last month; Becky seconded. Motion passed. The current plan is to unveil the opportunity quilt at the February meeting and sell tickets from February 2020 until February 2021. We have also planned to reserve a spot at Road to California in January 2021 as the grand finale and final push of ticket sales. Simone received another vendor quote for ticket printing; Gayle to check with her on status as we need tickets by March at the latest. The Guild will be encouraging members to buy tickets for themselves and/or to sell to family and friends. At this point, the only locations to take the Opportunity Quilt to for ticket sales is a meeting at the Coachella Valley Quilt Guild (date to be determined) and Road to California (January 2021). As we are in need of a chairperson(s) for the Opportunity Quilt in order to track ticket sales, it was suggested perhaps that Candy and Judy might be willing to co-chair.

Locations, Gayle

As the community room at the Main Library is a better fit for the guild’s meetings, Gayle suggested that we going forward that we should return to the Main Library. We would use Casa Blanca as a back-up when needed.

Fundraising, Gayle

Kris Kringle Craft Fair brought in funds of $220.

Officer 2020 Transitions Recap/Review

We are all set for 2020 with our new board members. Gayle has been in contact with Candy regarding treasurer duties; Jennifer has trained Elizabeth on the website and social media platforms; Becky has provided Jennifer with notes on who to contact in order to schedule general and board meetings.

New Business

April 2020 Challenge will be mini quilts with a maximum size of 24” x 24”. Several ideas were presented: Crayola crayon (pick 2), magazine page inspiration, fabric line, colors of the rainbow, and modern pattern inspiration. Jennifer suggested that we look at modern patterns on the MQG website for ideas, if we decided to go with the modern pattern inspiration. As we need to announce the challenge at the January meeting, we may want to meet briefly at the Christmas party and make a final decision.

Next Board Meeting

The next board meeting will be January 14, 2019 at JoAnn Fabrics in Ontario at 6 pm. 

Meeting adjourned at 5:45 pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Brekke, Secretary

Minutes · Minutes General Board

November 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

The following members were on the email correspondence: Gayle, Jennifer, Judy, Laura, Pat, Simone. Rachel, Kelley, and Becky.

The Retreat at Vina de Lestonnac in Temecula was a huge success! The work room, accommodations and food exceeded the guild’s expectations. We took the liberty to secure the same dates/time frame for next year.

Old Business

Committee Reports:

Treasurer, Gayle for Cat

Cat turned over the treasurer info to Gayle this month and it was all in great shape so we’ll only needed to maintain our current activity until Candy takes over in January. At the December board meeting, we’ll have a good picture of finances moving forward now that the retreat money has been disbursed and after the Kris Kringle craft fair on December 4th.

Fundraising, Gayle/Laura

We had an impromptu fabric sale at the retreat (fabric donated by former member Aimee French). We collected $234 and expecting $50 more that Evie needs to pay. 

Kris Kringle Craft Fair, Ontario – Scheduled for Wednesday, December 4th. Gayle, Laura and Pat will work this event.

Programs, All

December: Christmas Party

Christmas Party, Simone

Christmas party will be Saturday, December 7th from 2-4, at the Casa Blanca library. Board members to help with set up starting at 12:30 pm and tear down immediately following the meeting. Simone attached the holiday party flyer, sweet & savory food sign-ups, and IEMQG Board supplies sign-ups. Judy will send out a reminder email to those that signed up to bring either sweet or savory appetizers.

Activities for the party include the eating all our seriously yummy appetizers, Big Box of Questions Game & Notions gifts exchange. Notions should be wrapped and cost no more than $10. For the Big Box of Questions game it would be good to put a gift card from Quilter’s Cocoon inside the last box to unwrap. Do you have a recommendation for the amount? Gayle suggested modern fat quarters (we have a couple of bundles that were donated by Aimee) and a gift card from Quilter’s Cocoon? Jen suggested that the prize should be just a bundle of fat quarters which are super modern and valued around $90 so it’s roughly the same as a $75-$100 gift card and a very nice prize (and free for the Guild). Judy suggested if the inner box can hold fat quarters, then maybe $50 for the gift card with FQs? Or $100 without them? This will be a topic of discussion at the December board meeting and a final decision will be made at that time.

Membership, Judy

For the coming year, we have one new member (Patti Reyes) and 14 renewing members that have paid dues for 2020. The 2019 membership forms were scanned into the shared drive and then shred.

Raffles, All

It was decided that no raffles or boutique items will be offered at the Christmas party.

Meeting Locations, Becky

We have room reservations at the Casa Blanca library for December and January. Due to a room conflict with Casa Blanca for our February meeting, the meeting will be held at the Main Library. The Activity Log has been updated to reflect the change.

Next Board Meeting

The next board meeting will be December 4, 2019 at JoAnn’s in Ontario at 6 pm. 

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Brekke, Secretary

Minutes · Minutes Monthly Meeting

November 2019 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Minutes
November 2, 2019
SSgt. Salvador J. Lara Casa Blanca Library

The meeting was called to order at 2:04 p.m. by Gayle Bennett, President.

Welcome – Gayle

Gayle thanked everyone for joining us at our new location, the Casa Blanca library in Riverside. The meeting room is slightly smaller than anticipated but it should work out for us.

Road to California Atrium Exhibit

The flash drive with quilt photos and list of the guild’s quilts to be exhibited has been turned in to Lisa at Road to California. Lisa said the variety looked good. We are looking to see our quilts hanging at Road.

Committee Reports

Programs, Laura


Christmas Party!! The theme this year is Sweet & Savory. There is a signup sheet for members to either bring a savory or sweet treat. We will be playing the Big Box of Questions and doing a notions exchange.  For the notion exchange, please bring a $10 wrapped sewing notion for this game. Also, we are looking for sewing related decorations for the food tables. At the Christmas party we will have a couple brief announcements but no formal business portion. Please plan on attending for a jolly good time. The location will be at the Casa Blanca library, from 2-4 pm on December 7th.


Latifah Saafir Lecture, “How Many Ways to Sew a Curve?”.

Sit and Sew on January 18, from 10 am – 4 pm at Quilter’s Cocoon in Riverside.

Atrium Exhibit at Road To California, January 23-26. Note, we’d like to win the guild attendance challenge again this year, so be sure to log in as IEMQG members on the tablets located in the main hall of the convention center.


Color Theory with Simone. We have purchased color wheels to follow along during Simone’s lecture.

Block Lotto, Simone

There were 30 submissions for block lotto! Simone showed the block lotto black and white submissions for the Tipsy Twofer. The lucky winner of this month’s block lotto went to Kelley!

Charity, Gayle for Rachel

We have wool batting in crib/lap size if you need it for charity quilts you are working on. We still have a few quilt kits available. Please see Gayle for either.

Patty, with Coachella Valley Quilt Guild is here with their 2019 Opportunity Quilt, “Rio de Flores” to sell raffle tickets. In turn, we will be displaying our Opportunity Quilt and selling raffle tickets at their guild next year.

IEMQG Officer Elections, Judy

Judy announced the new Executive Board Slate for the 2020 year.

President: Gayle

Co-VP of Programs: Laura and Becky

VP of Communications: Elizabeth

Treasurer: Candy

Secretary: Jennifer

Social and Refreshment Break

Program – Member University

Gayle demonstrated mitered borders.

Laura demonstrated circles of emotion.

Simone demonstrated paper piecing.

Christine demonstrated her slice and dice technique.

Thank you to all the ladies for their wonderful presentations; we learned so much today!

Show and Share

3 members shared their latest quilt creations.


Winners of the mystery bag, basket and name tag raffles were presented with their prizes.

Fundraising, Laura

We brought in $151 at the Mountain Shadows boutique and an impromptu garage sale in October.  Laura has a lot of fabric yet to sell and if you are aware of a boutique or are planning a garage sale, please contact Laura.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Brekke

Minutes · Minutes General Board

October 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting Minutes
October 22, 2019
JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts, Ontario, CA 91764

The meeting was called to order at 6:11 pm by Gayle, with the following members in attendance: Gayle, Jennifer, Judy, Laura, Pat and Becky.

Old Business

Committee Reports:

Treasurer, Gayle for Cat

Bank balance will be updated at the next meeting.

Fundraising, Laura

Upcoming Sale/Craft Fair Events:

Mountain Shadows, Highland – We brought in approximately $130 for this event. Good selling items were jar grabbers, traditional bibs, baby quilts and dog scarves. We thought we’d have more sales but probably not an event we would participate in next year.

Kris Kringle Craft Fair, Ontario – Scheduled for Wednesday, December 4th, Gayle, Laura and Pat will work this event.

Opportunity Quilt Discussion, Gayle for Cat

Cat has the quilt blocks on her design wall and Pat helped to design it. They worked on a new arrangement for five hours but they still feel it’s a work in progress. We revisited our aggressive time line of completion by the Christmas party. It was decided that we would like to consider a more reasonable completion time of possibly January or February 2020. One suggestion was to raffle the Opportunity Quilt after Road to California in January 2021. Our initial thoughts of having the Opportunity Quilt done in time for Road in order to display and sell tickets for our raffle quilt, does not seem like it will come to fruition as the only day that may be available is Sunday, which is usually a low attendance day and that we will not have a raffle permit in time. The permit process became more complicated than originally thought.

Ticket update: Simone has gotten two quotes and is waiting for one more. Further discussion tabled until next month.

The Coachella Valley Quilt Guild will be bringing their Opportunity Quilt called “Rio de Flores” (River of Flowers) to our November meeting. And in turn we will plan to take ours to one of their meetings next year.

A possibility for displaying the Opportunity Quilt and selling raffle tickets could be at the Ontario Museum of History and Art for their October festival. Per Leslie Matamoras, booths are free to non-profit groups. We could take advantage of having a booth to sell raffle tickets, promote the Guild, even donate quilts to sell for the Guild. We could focus on donating mini quilts, lap quilts, framed quilts, etc.

Programs, Laura

Programs slate through next year:

November: Membership University

December: Christmas Party

2020 –

January: Latifah Saafir, ‘How Many Ways to Sew a Curve’ Lecture

February: Simone Bradford, Color Theory

March: Laura Greene, Perfect Bindings

April: Mini Quilt Challenge

May: Jennifer Adams, Transitional Quilter

June: Sandra Johnson, ‘How the Heck Do I Quilt This’ Lecture

July: Dark due to the Fourth of July

August: Quilt Vendor Presentation (Wonderfil? The Batty Lady?)

September: Then and Now

October: Wendy Knight

November: Member University

December: Christmas Party

Election Slate:

Gayle, President

Laura & Becky, Co-VP of Programs

Elizabeth, VP of Communication

Candy, Treasurer

Secretary, Jennifer

Laura reached out to St. Marks Church for a potential workshop location. They charge $100 to rent out their room.

The next Sit and Sew will be on Saturday, January 18, 2020 at Quilter’s Cocoon in Riverside.

VP Communications, Jennifer

Election email sent from Survey Monkey. The voting ends on 10/31/19 at 8 pm.

Jennifer trained Elizabeth for two hours on the website operations and duties.

Membership, Judy

Judy passed out both the Membership and Hospitality Chairperson duties, as there were several overlapping tasks. We made changes to both sets of duties and Judy will update them as discussed. Becky will also update the Secretarial duties. Jen to post the new membership forms on the website. 2020 membership forms will be available at the November meeting.  

Hospitality, Pat

Pat needs approximately 11 fat quarters for the name tag raffle for next year.

Raffles, All

We are not in agreement if we need a dedicated raffle chairperson. We are in agreement that we need better table and ticket organization of this position and a dedicated spot at the meeting. For the November meeting Jennifer will man the raffle table. She will also put together a small raffle for a trial run as it was agreed that smaller raffles seem to be more popular than the larger raffle basket. Also discussed was the possibility of foregoing raffles this coming year.

Christmas Party, Jennifer for Simone

Christmas party will be Saturday, December 7th from 2-4, board members to help with set up starting at 12:30 pm and tear down immediately following the meeting.

Pat will purchase the table centerpieces and Judy will assist with providing the tablecloths. Motion to allocate a maximum of $30 for centerpieces by Jennifer, motion seconded by Gayle. Motion passed. Jennifer will provide coffee/tea, cups, and sugar. Becky will provide plates, napkins and forks. Simone will bring the Big Box of Questions Game and run the Notion Exchange (maximum of $10).

We decided on sewing related items would make great decorations for the food table. There will be an announcement for these items at the next meeting.

Southern California Council of Quilt Guilds (SCCQG), Jennifer

Gayle confirmed that Cat paid next year’s SCCQG dues. Unfortunately, dues will be going up next year. The October meeting topic was Mastering Social Media Marketing Strategies. The presenter opened it up for questions at the beginning of the meeting, which turned out to be a mistake as too many questions were asked and not enough time for the lecture topic to be fully explored.

The SCCQG has Road to California challenge called, “Call for Quilts – Challenge 2020:  Honoring Road to California”.  You are challenged to create a quilt that is inspired by this wonderful quilt festival and features a technique that was learned in a Road to California workshop or uses a pattern/book and/or fabric purchased from a vendor at Road to California during the years 1995 – 2019. Exhibit entries are limited … continue reading

Minutes · Minutes General Board

September 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting Minutes
September 26, 2019
JoAnn Fabrics and Crafts, Ontario, CA 91764

The meeting was called to order at 6:10 pm by Gayle, with the following members in attendance: Gayle, Jennifer, Cat, Simone, Laura, Pat and Becky.

Old Business

Committee Reports:

Treasurer, Cat

Bank Balance Report – Chase statement, check register, income and expense reports were distributed and discussed. Upcoming expenses are SCCQG and website fees due this month. Gayle noted that we might want to consider a larger budget for (general) supplies next year as we’ve almost doubled the budgeted amount for this year. Cat provided the check in advance for the October speaker to Laura as she will not be able to attend.

Rachel and Jessica sent donated quilts to Paradise and they requested to be reimbursed for shipping and related expenses, approximately $30. Laura motioned that they should be reimbursed for the expenses incurred; Jennifer seconded the motion. Motion passed. Becky advised Cat that she will pay the $20 refreshment fee for Casa Blanca library prior to the November and December meeting dates and will send Cat an email confirming the transaction each time. Jennifer was reimbursed for expenses relating to the retreat goodie bags. Jennifer has a couple more treats (sweet) to purchase to complete the bags.

Opportunity Quilt Discussion, Cat

Cat advised that she is slightly behind schedule. However, she will have time to catch up if she works on it at the retreat, and by keeping the quilting simple and sleek, she is confident the quilt will be completed by December 7th, which is the guild’s Christmas party and the Opportunity Quilt kick-off date.

Gayle was unable to get assistance with the ticket printing process from a couple contacts at Nite Owls. We will forge ahead without assistance as the raffle tickets need to be printed in early November or sooner. Simone showed us her raffle ticket mock ups. Currently she is trying to determine the ticket size. She’s guessing that color tickets are not feasible cost-wise. We will keep it simple and stick to black and white. Simone will design the tickets but she still needs to find a company to print them. She has a contact that she has worked with at Staples. Becky will send Simone contact information for Preferred Choice Printing out of Corona as another option. Jennifer will send Simone the link to the shared drive with the IEMQG vectored logo – possibly using it as a background watermark on the raffle tickets.

The question came up of how many tickets should we get printed. We came up with 3,000 tickets as our baseline (500 packets of 6), as ticket prices will be $1/each and $5/6 tickets. Gayle will speak with Leslie from the Ontario Museum to see if we could sell Opportunity Quilt tickets there. If so, we would most likely need to print additional tickets. We also decided to start at ticket # 1000.

We went over the items to be included on the tickets:

Quilt Name: Blurring the Lines

Drawing Date: December 5, 2020

Ticket Price: $1/each and $5/6 tickets

Size: Either “Queen” or Cat will provide actual dimensions

The tab should include space for name, phone number and email if there’s room.

Should state “Do not need to be present to win” and the guilds website address.

Gayle will provide paperwork to the MQG to request an exemption letter to submit when we obtain the required permit from the state of California to sell raffle tickets at Road that will be valid for one year. The cost of the permit is $20. Gayle also mentioned that we need to purchase a quilt stand for displaying the opportunity quilt. Becky motioned to approve buying a new quilt stand for approximately $115; Jennifer seconded the motion. Motion approved.

Fundraising, Laura

Upcoming Sale/Craft Fair Events:

Inventory and pricing at Laura’s home on Sunday, October 6th at 11 am. Currently we have 250 items available for sale. The Christmas items were pulled aside for the Kris Kringle Craft Fair.

Mountain Shadows, Highland – 9 am to 1 pm on October 12th: Laura, Pat and Gayle will work this event. Laura was advised not to overfill the table. There will be a box under the table with items to fill the table as room is available. We’ll have two tables, rectangle and square, a dress form (for purses, etc), and we will be near the railing so we can hang quilts. Laura is planning to have two sections, one for pet related items and the other for baby related items. She is also bringing baskets to display the baby items and dog dishes for the pet items. Gayle will bring a wire rack to display the bibs and a cash box/change. There will be 17 vendors this year (versus 12 last year) and a bake sale. The guild will donate an item for the numerous raffles to be drawn. Admission is free and members will be encouraged to attend at the October meeting.

Kris Kringle Craft Fair, Ontario – Wednesday, December 4th, Gayle, Laura and Pat will work this event. Jen updated the Kris Kringle flyer. Laura will have copies available at the October meeting. Further discussion tabled until the October board meeting.


Upland Library, Laura

Laura asked if we would like to exhibit about 12-14 quilts next March at the Upland Library. However, we would not be agreeable to a providing a lecture/presentation. Laura offered to coordinate the event. We decided to table the discussion until early next year.

Road to California, Atrium Exhibit, Gayle

Gayle informed us that we are about 9 quilts short. We will contact members to see if they can help us out to reach the minimum amount of quilts required. As a reminder, Gayle needs to submit photos of the quilt tops no later than October 15th. Mike will be available at noon at the October meeting and afterwards to take photos. … continue reading

Minutes · Minutes Monthly Meeting

September 2019 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Minutes
September 7, 2019
Riverside Public Library
3581 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA 92501

The meeting was called to order at 2:02 p.m. by Gayle Bennett, President.

Welcome – Gayle

Gayle gave a warm welcome to start off the September meeting.

Guild Vision 2020

This year is our 3rd year as a guild. The year has been a chaotic due to the continued turnover in Programs. Trish started the year as VP of Programs, and she moved out of state. Shelley volunteered to help out in the interim until we could find a permanent replacement, but then she moved out of the area. As such, it gave the Board the opportunity to put together the remaining programs for the coming year, 2020. We promise that you will not be disappointed with what we have lined up. Stay tuned for more details at the next meeting.

Road to California Atrium Exhibit

A reminder that Mike will be available prior to the October meeting to take photos of your quilt top. If you aren’t able to make the meeting, Gayle will need your pdf photo emailed to her no later than 10/14/19 as all photos are due on 10/15/19. If you plan to submit a quilt, they must be a minimum of 72” long and a maximum of 100” wide, contain a 4” sleeve for hanging, and a label (name, phone number and quilt name). The guild request the quilts be modern so that they can best represent our guild’s modern aesthetic. It’s important to note your quilt does not need to be bound or quilted at this time. The 10/15 requirement is solely for Road to plan the display of our quilts. Quilt drop offs will be the week of January 13th. We will discuss coordination of this at a later meeting.

IEMQG Officer Elections, Jennifer

Before speaking about elections, Jennifer announced she still has Aurifil swag bags from the August meeting. If you missed the meeting and would like one, please see her at the break.

We will be utilizing Survey Monkey again for this year’s elections. You can vote, by clicking on the link from your phone, tablet, or computer. Please be sure to confirm your contact information (email & phone) at the table with Judy. The Secretary position is open; please see the website for job duties (click on the BYLAWS, and you will see that one of the drop downs is Guild Job Descriptions). We also need a Nominating Committee, at least 2 volunteers. The Board would provide guidance and assistance as required. This is a short time commitment; please let us know if you are interested.  Please note, if run unopposed, the President, Gayle; Co VP of Programs, Laura and Becky; Treasurer, Candy; VP of Communications, Jennifer. As this would be Jennifer’s 3rd term (as our guild is small, we have no term limits), she is open to having a partnership in the position or handing it off entirely. Please let any Board member know if you have any interest in any positions.

Committee Reports

Block Lotto, Simone

Simone showed the block lotto submission for Fibo’s Sister. The lucky winner of this month’s block lotto went to Lynn! Simone showed members examples of Tipsy Twofer for the Block Lotto for October / November and the blocks will be collected at the November meeting.  Make as many blocks as you want and for each block you will receive one ticket to be entered in the drawing. Colors to be used are black and white and the background is recommended to be low volume fabric. The block tutorial and template will be located on both the IEMQG website and Simone’s blog.

Charity, Rachel

Rachel thanked everyone for all the charity items donated. She is taking 14 donated quilts to Home Instead Seniors. If anyone is interested, she has quilt tops (Laura donated holiday fabrics for quilt tops) and blocks that need to be made into quilt tops. Please stop by the charity table to pick them up and bring your completed quilt (quilted or not) to next month’s meeting.

Fundraising, Laura

A reminder that we will be at the Holiday Boutique at Mountain Shadows in Highland, on Saturday, Oct 12th, from 9 am – 1 pm. Please stop by to shop our table and get a head start on your holiday shopping.  If you are making dog leashes, Laura has the hardware for your use. Kris Kringle Holiday Fair will be Wednesday, December 4th at the Ontario Senior Center from 8 am – 1pm.  Pat showed us 18 inch square “cat mats” that are easy to make. It’s a great opportunity to try a new patter with the charity fabrics. She swears cats of all kinds love it for their cat naps!

Social and Refreshment Break

Program: What Was I Thinking?!? Fabric Challenge (Interactive Guild Presentation) / Cat, MC

Our members went through their fabric stash and brought in their most challenging and “ugliest” fabrics. Cat started off the fun with her own questionable fabric choice! We had a whopping 17 members participate – they had 2 minutes to do a share and let us know how and why they bought the fabric. Audience members had a chance to provide their ideas on how to revitalize or suggest a new use for the fabric. Fabrics were given a new life, a second chance, while others were given away to new homes. A prize was given for participation. Needless to say this fabric challenge program was a huge success!

Show and Share

8 members shared their latest quilt creations.


Winners of the fat quarter and name tag raffles were presented with their prizes. The basket raffle will be drawn at the October meeting.

Sit and Sew

Date has changed. There will be an announcement on the new date & location.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:10 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Becky Brekke


Minutes · Minutes General Board

August 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting Minutes
August 15, 2019
Simone’s Residence – Riverside, CA

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 pm by Gayle, with the following members in attendance: Gayle, Jennifer, Cat, Simone, Judy and Becky.

Old Business

Committee Reports:

Treasurer, Cat

Bank Balance Report – Chase statement distributed along with a check register. 

Fundraising, Gayle for Laura

Upcoming Sale/Craft Fair Events:

In view of the time commitment & resources expended for special events, no further events, craft fairs, exhibits, etc., shall be allowed unless there is final board approval. Jen motioned in agreement; Cat seconded – motion approved.

We reviewed Laura’s email correspondence, which included the inventory of items available for the remaining craft fair events for the year. Laura hoped the guild could make the wine caddies and a few more items for the craft fairs. Laura will be hosting a Pricing Event at her home on October 6th from 11 am to 2 pm. A potluck lunch will be held. She’d like to make an announcement to invite members to help out as well at the September meeting.

As a group, we decided that not all items should be sold at the Mountain Shadows event as we do not want to deplete our supply as we also have the Kris Kringle event in early December. 

Mountain Shadows, Highland – 9 am to 1 pm on October 12th: The sign-up sheet was passed around at the August meeting. However, no one signed up for the 7-9am set up, 9-11am, and 1pm cleanup (only the 2 members signed up for the 11-1pm shift).  Laura will ask for more sign-ups at the September meeting. We need to post the flyer for the Gift Fair at Mountain Shadows on October 12th on social media and the website. We also want to encourage members to spread the flyer via email, texts, or Facebook. Members can repost on social media during the last two weeks of September. We need to get the flyers out to local quilt shops and guilds. Laura will bring plenty of flyers to the September meeting. She would like a list of shops or places we think they need to be advertised at. She will make copies and take them around the IE during September. Once we work through the Mountain Shadows event, we can then focus more heavily on the Kris Kringle event.

Kris Kringle Craft Fair, Ontario – December 4th, per Gayle it might be a good idea to have items $20 and under. Suggested items were pet supplies, bingo accessories, and lap sized quilts. Gayle handed out a pattern for a bingo dobber carrying bag. Jen offered to revamp the Kris Kringle flyer. Laura will pass out a shift sign-up sheet at the October and November meetings.

Opportunity Quilt Discussion, Cat

We are slightly behind schedule. Cat needs to finalize the quilt layout and coordinate piecing of the quilt top. She also needs to make a design wall and finish truing up the HSTs (currently 100 blocks have been trued up). Cat will work exclusively on these items tomorrow and on Sunday, she will reach out to Pat to come over and help with the layout and finalize. We need to solicit help with piecing the quilt top at a Sit and Sew or Sew In. Any place we have this at will need to have plenty of space for the quilt stand. Cat assured us she will be ready to piece next week, no later than 8/25, and that would put us back on track/target.

We discussed the opportunity sale tickets process – focused more on the printing of tickets. We decided we wanted a photo on the tickets, a snippet of the quilt so that you get a flavor of what you’d be buying. We need to coordinate ordering the tickets; Gayle to find out from Debbie W of Nite Owls how they go about it. We confirmed ticket prices will be $1.00/each and $5.00/6 tickets. Simone volunteered to design the tickets! She has a self-imposed deadline of November 1st to have the design completed; to allow for any changes and printing. The holiday party, the table at Road to California (if accepted), Renaissance Fairs, OC/LA county fairs, Upland Festival, Lavender Festival, Ontario Museum and Chaffey were brought up as options of places to sell the tickets. We will come up with list of venues and have the Board vote on it.  As ticket raffle sales will generate a large amount of revenue, Gayle will provide paperwork to the MQG to request an exemption letter to submit when we obtain the required permit from the state of California to sell the raffle tickets that will be valid for one year.  The cost of the permit is $20.

Programs, All

Sept – What Was I Thinking? Cat will be MC’ing this event. She will start out the program with her own ugly fabric. We decided that everyone who participates will have a chance to win a booby prize. Gayle will provide a blog post and we’ll post on social media. Location: Riverside Main Library

October – Elizabeth Eastmond Lecture – Contract Signed? Cost? Location: Riverside Main Library

Nov – Member University (Christine/Slice & Dice, Cat/6 Minute Circle, Simone/Paper Piecing, Laura/TBD. Location: Casa Blanca

Dec – Holiday Party/Sweet and Savory.  Location: Casa Blanca (pending)

Jan – TENTATIVE – Workshop event with Elizabeth Eastmond or Colleen Granger; potential speaker Latifah Saafir suggested. Becky will look into this possibility, but it may be too short of notice.

Feb – Simone Bradford, Color Theory. Cat will see if she can find inexpensive color wheels for Simone’s presentation. If Cat finds them, she will run the cost by the Board for approval.

March – TBD

We are officially without a VP of Programs. We were thinking Elizabeth could help out, and this would be a 2 person position. Jen will reach out to Candy again. Cat is available to help as needed. We … continue reading

Minutes · Minutes Monthly Meeting

August 2019 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Minutes
August 3, 2019
Riverside Public Library
3581 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA 92501

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Gayle Bennett, President.

Welcome – Gayle

Road to California Atrium Exhibit

We have 18 quilts committed to the exhibit, but we will need 44 quilts per the show requirements.  Photo & measurements are required by the October meeting. Mike will be there to photograph them for you; he will be there early and stay late in order to photograph all quilts brought in.  Quilt requirements are as follows: minimum 72” long and a maximum 100” wide, must have a 4” sleeve, a label (quilt name, quilter’s name, date, etc), and modern (this is the Guild’s preference).  The show is looking for a variety of quilt styles and colors that best represent the IEMQG.

We have often heard Linda Rasmussen say that we should enter our quilts in shows as often as possible, along those lines, the Glendale Quilt Guild has a Quilt Show every spring.  Entries are open to the public so you do not to be a member to submit a quilt. A great opportunity to exhibit member’s quilts to show how talented our guild is.

Charity, Gayle for Rachel

Pat, Lisa and Gayle put together charity kits (including backing) for Homestead Seniors. The Bonnie Hunter pattern included in the kit is easy and quick. Gayle timed herself and completed a quilt in 107 minutes. Laura handed out kits during the meeting.

Committee Reports

Programs, Shelley

For the September guild meeting, go through you fabric stash and bring your “ugliest” fabric. We’ll help you decide what to do with it for our featured activity ‘What was I Thinking’ Fabric Share. This will be an interactive event, where members will bring fabric they’re not sure what to do with. They can also share, trade and/or give fabric away.

October 5th: Elizabeth Eastmond of OPQuilt will be the featured speaker.

We are still in need of a VP of Programs, if you are interested in taking over this position, please contact any Board member for additional information.

Fundraising, Laura

The following fundraising events have been scheduled: 

Saturday, Oct 12th, from 9 am – 1 pm (set up is from 7 am – 9 am), Holiday Boutique at Mountain Shadows in Highland. Laura made flyers and handed them out to members to display at local guild meetings, coffee houses, and quilt shops. Laura also updated the list of recommended craft items and provided a wine bottle pattern for this month. We netted about $100 profit from the proceeds of last month’s rummage sale.

Sit and Sew, Jennifer

Jennifer found us a location for future Sit and Sews at the Quilter’s Cocoon in Riverside. Our 3rd quarter Sit and Sew will be on Saturday, September 21st from 10 am – 4 pm. There is no Sit and Sew scheduled in the 4th quarter due to the holiday season. This is a good opportunity to work on charity items or your own projects. We hope to see you there.

Block Lotto, Simone

Simone showed members examples of Fibo’s Sister for the Block Lotto for August/September and the blocks will be collected at the September meeting.  This next block is designed to make four blocks at a time using 16 improv strips. Make as many blocks as you want and for each block you will receive one ticket to be entered in the drawing. Please use warm colors and the borders should be low volume fabric. The block tutorial will be located on both the IEMQG website and Simone’s blog.

Attendance/Membership, Ruthann

There were 25 members in attendance; 1 new member; and 1 guest.  Effective for the September meeting, Judy will take over Ruthann’s position.

Featured Speaker, Natalie Barnes of Beyond the Reef, Aurifilosophy

Shelley introduced our featured speaker, Natalie Barnes, who is Aurifil’s newest thread ambassador.  Natalie took us on a journey through the history of Aurifil, from its early beginnings starting in 1957 in Italy.  It wasn’t until 1983, that Aurifil procured Egyptian cotton thread for embroidery, and the Aurifil thread as we know it today was born. Natalie reminded us of all the reasons we love Aurifil (and why it’s the go to thread to use in piecing and quilting): natural fiber, strong, minimal lint, colors, variety of weights, and the sheen. She explained each type of thread weight and gave the uses and advantages of each one. Natalie also went over how to read the Aurifil thread label and gave us some neat tips as well.  Lastly, Aurifil has taken steps toward sustainability; researching the use of alternate materials for thread spools, and partnering with the Plastic Bank to offset annual plastic production. In addition, they are exploring creative repurposing of spools.  Natalie surprised everyone with swag bags.  Each bag contained an Aurifil brochure which recapped everything Natalie presented for future reference and a spool of thread. Thank you, Natalie and Aurifil!

Break and Pop Up Shopping!

Show and Tell

8 members shared their wonderful creations.


Winners of the fat quarter and name tag raffles were presented with their prizes.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Brekke