Block Lotto · Block of the Month

September/October Block Lotto – Tipsy Twofer

Tipsy Twofer is a combination of two blocks in one; the Drunkard’s Path & Drunkard’s Trail. I combined them into one block so you get a twofer. See the sample & tutorial below.

Please make your IEMQG Block Lotto blocks in September & October and bring them to our IEMQG meeting in November. You can make them in any combination of white low volume background and black patterned template pieces, or you can reverse them, and have a black background patterned fabric with white low volume template pieces. You’ll need the templates for your Tipsy Twofer block and you can download the Tipsy Twofer PDF instructions here.

PREPARATION: Starch all fabric, cut out templates A & B from the PDF download.

STEP 1: Cut a 7.5” x 7.5” square of low volume fabric. Fold in half and finger press, open and fold in half in the other direction and finger press again.

STEP 2: Using templates A & B cut out contrasting fabric.

STEP 3: Line up A & B on the 7.5” x 7.5” low volume square using finger pressed lines as guides.

Pin in place.

STEP 4: Raw edge appliqué ⅛” from edge on A & B as show in PDF download.

Here’s a close up of how I used the creases to line up one of the appliqué pieces.

Done! It’s that easy!!!

Here’s a sample of how I’m laying out my blocks.



Upcoming September Meeting Program Information!

Our next meeting is just around the corner on September 7th at 2pm at the Riverside Main Library. Our program entitled, “What Was I Thinking? The ugly fabric challenge” is going to be a fun and interactive meeting for us all!

Here’s how the program will work:

Bring a fabric from your stash that you can’t quite fathom what you must have been thinking when you bought it. Or maybe don’t recall what the purpose was – a project of some sort – and now you’re stumped!

Enter your name on the sign up list when you arrive.

Each participant will be given two minutes to show and attempt to explain how you acquired your fabric.

We’ll take a couple minutes for suggestions or ideas from the audience.

      If someone loves your ugly fabric feel free to pass it along.

      Maybe you can leave with an idea of how to use it.

      Maybe it is destined to be the backing for a pet mat?

Using a random number generator for each participant on the list, one lucky presenter will win the terrific prize that Laura posted online. (It’s a good one so you won’t want to miss your chance!)

Come prepared to offer creative and constructive advice.  Or just come for an entertaining event. We’re looking forward to seeing everyone!

Until then, happy sewing!

Minutes · Minutes General Board

August 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting Minutes
August 15, 2019
Simone’s Residence – Riverside, CA

The meeting was called to order at 7:20 pm by Gayle, with the following members in attendance: Gayle, Jennifer, Cat, Simone, Judy and Becky.

Old Business

Committee Reports:

Treasurer, Cat

Bank Balance Report – Chase statement distributed along with a check register. 

Fundraising, Gayle for Laura

Upcoming Sale/Craft Fair Events:

In view of the time commitment & resources expended for special events, no further events, craft fairs, exhibits, etc., shall be allowed unless there is final board approval. Jen motioned in agreement; Cat seconded – motion approved.

We reviewed Laura’s email correspondence, which included the inventory of items available for the remaining craft fair events for the year. Laura hoped the guild could make the wine caddies and a few more items for the craft fairs. Laura will be hosting a Pricing Event at her home on October 6th from 11 am to 2 pm. A potluck lunch will be held. She’d like to make an announcement to invite members to help out as well at the September meeting.

As a group, we decided that not all items should be sold at the Mountain Shadows event as we do not want to deplete our supply as we also have the Kris Kringle event in early December. 

Mountain Shadows, Highland – 9 am to 1 pm on October 12th: The sign-up sheet was passed around at the August meeting. However, no one signed up for the 7-9am set up, 9-11am, and 1pm cleanup (only the 2 members signed up for the 11-1pm shift).  Laura will ask for more sign-ups at the September meeting. We need to post the flyer for the Gift Fair at Mountain Shadows on October 12th on social media and the website. We also want to encourage members to spread the flyer via email, texts, or Facebook. Members can repost on social media during the last two weeks of September. We need to get the flyers out to local quilt shops and guilds. Laura will bring plenty of flyers to the September meeting. She would like a list of shops or places we think they need to be advertised at. She will make copies and take them around the IE during September. Once we work through the Mountain Shadows event, we can then focus more heavily on the Kris Kringle event.

Kris Kringle Craft Fair, Ontario – December 4th, per Gayle it might be a good idea to have items $20 and under. Suggested items were pet supplies, bingo accessories, and lap sized quilts. Gayle handed out a pattern for a bingo dobber carrying bag. Jen offered to revamp the Kris Kringle flyer. Laura will pass out a shift sign-up sheet at the October and November meetings.

Opportunity Quilt Discussion, Cat

We are slightly behind schedule. Cat needs to finalize the quilt layout and coordinate piecing of the quilt top. She also needs to make a design wall and finish truing up the HSTs (currently 100 blocks have been trued up). Cat will work exclusively on these items tomorrow and on Sunday, she will reach out to Pat to come over and help with the layout and finalize. We need to solicit help with piecing the quilt top at a Sit and Sew or Sew In. Any place we have this at will need to have plenty of space for the quilt stand. Cat assured us she will be ready to piece next week, no later than 8/25, and that would put us back on track/target.

We discussed the opportunity sale tickets process – focused more on the printing of tickets. We decided we wanted a photo on the tickets, a snippet of the quilt so that you get a flavor of what you’d be buying. We need to coordinate ordering the tickets; Gayle to find out from Debbie W of Nite Owls how they go about it. We confirmed ticket prices will be $1.00/each and $5.00/6 tickets. Simone volunteered to design the tickets! She has a self-imposed deadline of November 1st to have the design completed; to allow for any changes and printing. The holiday party, the table at Road to California (if accepted), Renaissance Fairs, OC/LA county fairs, Upland Festival, Lavender Festival, Ontario Museum and Chaffey were brought up as options of places to sell the tickets. We will come up with list of venues and have the Board vote on it.  As ticket raffle sales will generate a large amount of revenue, Gayle will provide paperwork to the MQG to request an exemption letter to submit when we obtain the required permit from the state of California to sell the raffle tickets that will be valid for one year.  The cost of the permit is $20.

Programs, All

Sept – What Was I Thinking? Cat will be MC’ing this event. She will start out the program with her own ugly fabric. We decided that everyone who participates will have a chance to win a booby prize. Gayle will provide a blog post and we’ll post on social media. Location: Riverside Main Library

October – Elizabeth Eastmond Lecture – Contract Signed? Cost? Location: Riverside Main Library

Nov – Member University (Christine/Slice & Dice, Cat/6 Minute Circle, Simone/Paper Piecing, Laura/TBD. Location: Casa Blanca

Dec – Holiday Party/Sweet and Savory.  Location: Casa Blanca (pending)

Jan – TENTATIVE – Workshop event with Elizabeth Eastmond or Colleen Granger; potential speaker Latifah Saafir suggested. Becky will look into this possibility, but it may be too short of notice.

Feb – Simone Bradford, Color Theory. Cat will see if she can find inexpensive color wheels for Simone’s presentation. If Cat finds them, she will run the cost by the Board for approval.

March – TBD

We are officially without a VP of Programs. We were thinking Elizabeth could help out, and this would be a 2 person position. Jen will reach out to Candy again. Cat is available to help as needed. We … continue reading


What was I thinking? …A Message from Gayle

What Was I Thinking?! 

Join us Saturday September 7, 2019 for our monthly guild meeting.  The September program will be an interactive presentation for guild members to join in.  We all have them, those fabrics that we just couldn’t resist, or just can’t quite recall how we ended up with, that we also can’t figure out what to do with. Or what on earth we were thinking when we even bought them, right? Bring one of yours to the meeting and have the opportunity to show it off to the group and receive suggestions, input, and inspiration for what to do with it.  Maybe you’ll just find it a home to go to, other than back to yours, if a fellow quilter discovers that they have the perfect project to solve your fabric dilemma.  Participants will be entered in a drawing for a prize.

Mark your calendar for our Sit and Sew scheduled for Saturday September 21, 2019 that will be held at the Quilters Cocoon at 9901 Indiana Ave, Riverside from 10 AM to 4 PM.  The guild will be providing fabrics and patterns to work on charity quilts or several boutique items, or bring a current project of your own.  And of course, there will be shopping available!

If you haven’t visited the guild website recently there is now a link to our Activity Calendar that lists meetings and other goings on with the guild.  From the Welcome page at click the ‘here’ link in the welcome message to be taken to the guild’s calendar.  Hover over an event for more details. You can also access the calendar from this link

Our Fundraising Chairperson Laura Greene is looking for volunteers to work our table at the Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Community Annual Gift Fair.  The event is Saturday October 12th  9:00 AM to 1:00 PM and help is needed for set up, the sale, and take down. Please see Laura at the September meeting if you can be available to help. She has two hour work slots arranged.

Don’t forget to get in on Block Lotto! 

September’s meeting will take place at the Riverside Main Library, 3581 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside. Parking behind the building, on the street or in the parking structure just across the street at no charge.

Socialize from 1:30, meeting start time 2:00 PM.

Hope to see you all there!

Minutes · Minutes Monthly Meeting

August 2019 General Meeting Minutes

IEMQG General Meeting Minutes
August 3, 2019
Riverside Public Library
3581 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside, CA 92501

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Gayle Bennett, President.

Welcome – Gayle

Road to California Atrium Exhibit

We have 18 quilts committed to the exhibit, but we will need 44 quilts per the show requirements.  Photo & measurements are required by the October meeting. Mike will be there to photograph them for you; he will be there early and stay late in order to photograph all quilts brought in.  Quilt requirements are as follows: minimum 72” long and a maximum 100” wide, must have a 4” sleeve, a label (quilt name, quilter’s name, date, etc), and modern (this is the Guild’s preference).  The show is looking for a variety of quilt styles and colors that best represent the IEMQG.

We have often heard Linda Rasmussen say that we should enter our quilts in shows as often as possible, along those lines, the Glendale Quilt Guild has a Quilt Show every spring.  Entries are open to the public so you do not to be a member to submit a quilt. A great opportunity to exhibit member’s quilts to show how talented our guild is.

Charity, Gayle for Rachel

Pat, Lisa and Gayle put together charity kits (including backing) for Homestead Seniors. The Bonnie Hunter pattern included in the kit is easy and quick. Gayle timed herself and completed a quilt in 107 minutes. Laura handed out kits during the meeting.

Committee Reports

Programs, Shelley

For the September guild meeting, go through you fabric stash and bring your “ugliest” fabric. We’ll help you decide what to do with it for our featured activity ‘What was I Thinking’ Fabric Share. This will be an interactive event, where members will bring fabric they’re not sure what to do with. They can also share, trade and/or give fabric away.

October 5th: Elizabeth Eastmond of OPQuilt will be the featured speaker.

We are still in need of a VP of Programs, if you are interested in taking over this position, please contact any Board member for additional information.

Fundraising, Laura

The following fundraising events have been scheduled: 

Saturday, Oct 12th, from 9 am – 1 pm (set up is from 7 am – 9 am), Holiday Boutique at Mountain Shadows in Highland. Laura made flyers and handed them out to members to display at local guild meetings, coffee houses, and quilt shops. Laura also updated the list of recommended craft items and provided a wine bottle pattern for this month. We netted about $100 profit from the proceeds of last month’s rummage sale.

Sit and Sew, Jennifer

Jennifer found us a location for future Sit and Sews at the Quilter’s Cocoon in Riverside. Our 3rd quarter Sit and Sew will be on Saturday, September 21st from 10 am – 4 pm. There is no Sit and Sew scheduled in the 4th quarter due to the holiday season. This is a good opportunity to work on charity items or your own projects. We hope to see you there.

Block Lotto, Simone

Simone showed members examples of Fibo’s Sister for the Block Lotto for August/September and the blocks will be collected at the September meeting.  This next block is designed to make four blocks at a time using 16 improv strips. Make as many blocks as you want and for each block you will receive one ticket to be entered in the drawing. Please use warm colors and the borders should be low volume fabric. The block tutorial will be located on both the IEMQG website and Simone’s blog.

Attendance/Membership, Ruthann

There were 25 members in attendance; 1 new member; and 1 guest.  Effective for the September meeting, Judy will take over Ruthann’s position.

Featured Speaker, Natalie Barnes of Beyond the Reef, Aurifilosophy

Shelley introduced our featured speaker, Natalie Barnes, who is Aurifil’s newest thread ambassador.  Natalie took us on a journey through the history of Aurifil, from its early beginnings starting in 1957 in Italy.  It wasn’t until 1983, that Aurifil procured Egyptian cotton thread for embroidery, and the Aurifil thread as we know it today was born. Natalie reminded us of all the reasons we love Aurifil (and why it’s the go to thread to use in piecing and quilting): natural fiber, strong, minimal lint, colors, variety of weights, and the sheen. She explained each type of thread weight and gave the uses and advantages of each one. Natalie also went over how to read the Aurifil thread label and gave us some neat tips as well.  Lastly, Aurifil has taken steps toward sustainability; researching the use of alternate materials for thread spools, and partnering with the Plastic Bank to offset annual plastic production. In addition, they are exploring creative repurposing of spools.  Natalie surprised everyone with swag bags.  Each bag contained an Aurifil brochure which recapped everything Natalie presented for future reference and a spool of thread. Thank you, Natalie and Aurifil!

Break and Pop Up Shopping!

Show and Tell

8 members shared their wonderful creations.


Winners of the fat quarter and name tag raffles were presented with their prizes.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:15 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,
Becky Brekke


A Message from Gayle – IEMQG August Meeting News!

Join us next Saturday as Natalie Barnes will bring her AURIfilosophy to the IEMQG.  Learn all things Aurifil thread!  Included with the program will be a pop up Aurifil shop.  For those of you new to Aurifil you can purchase threads to try.  To those of us devoted to Aurifil as our favorite thread (that would be me), well, I should probably make a shopping list.  Just recently I was thinking of a color that I needed.

Our exhibit at the Chaffey Community Museum of Art came to an end on July 22nd.  Thank you to everyone who submitted a quilt, or chair, and made the exhibit a success.  If you did not pick up your quilt in person I have them and they’ll be available to retrieve at the guild meeting. The exhibit was very well received and I’m pretty sure we changed the image in a few people’s minds about quilting. 

I did take the opportunity to solicit quilts that were shown at Chaffey for our big exhibit as the featured guild to hang in the atrium at Road to California.  Those quilts have been photographed and measured for submission to Road and I’ll email the quilters individually about that.  Please keep in mind that quilts for Road to California must be a minimum of 72 inches long and can be a width up to 100 inches.  We will need to submit photos and measurements of each quilt to Road in October. This photo can be just the completed quilt top since delivery of the quilts to Road isn’t until January.  My husband Mike will be available at our October guild meeting for anyone who needs a good shot of their quilt and has also offered to convert any photo format that you have available to a PDF as Road has requested.  You can email those photos to me when the time comes.  This exhibit is open to guild members only and we need 44 quilts. I’m sure we can deliver!

The August meeting is at the Riverside City Main Library, 3581 Mission Inn Ave, Riverside.  Our guild meetings are scheduled at that location for August, September and October.  Depending on how you travel to meetings, please be aware that the 60 Freeway will be closed between the 15 Fwy and the 91 Fwy from 10 pm Friday nights to 5 am Monday mornings.  This is scheduled for every weekend, except Labor Day, from now until mid-November.  I’ll need to plan accordingly!

Come socialize at 1:30 Saturday and enjoy the guild meeting at 2:00, see you there!

Minutes · Minutes General Board

July 2019 Board Meeting Minutes

IEMQG Board Meeting Minutes
July 17, 2019
Jennifer Adams’ Residence – Corona, CA

The meeting was called to order at 06:57 pm by Gayle, with the following members in attendance: Gayle, Jennifer, Cat, Path, Ruthann, Shelley and Simone

Old Business

Committee Reports:

Treasurer (Cat)

Bank Balance Report – Chase statement distributed along with a check register. Cat shared that there is still a consistent discrepancy in the balance reflected in the checking account statement and the Income and Expense Report.  The Income and Expense Report will be updated and saved to the Google shared drive. 

Fundraising (Gayle for Laura)

Fundraising: Sale/Craft Fair Events – Nite Owl Sale – July 25th – Gayle has paid the fee for the table, $20.  She will handle processing payments and reimburse the Guild once the sale is complete, less the table fee. Sale is free to enter and will be in Rancho Cucamonga at the Senior Center at Central Park on the corner of Milliken and Baseline. Pat, Cat and Gayle will help staff the booth.  The sale runs from 6-8:30pm.

Mountain Shadows, Highland – October 12th – Gayle said our Guild was invited to participate. Gayle mentioned that she will talk with Laura when she returns as she is worried that we may run out of items (craft/made) to sell with both sales in the 4th quarter. Since a commitment was extended, we will need to divide items that are made to allow participation in both craft sale events.

Kris Kringle Craft Fair, Ontario – December 4th – $15 fee for this event to participate, due in August.  Gayle will handle payment.  This event will be well attended and Gayle shared that the items most desired are pet-related.

Opportunity Quilt Discussion (Cat/All)

Cat shared that there is a benefits specialist, Joel Marcus she met recently at SCCQG. Joel offered to come purchase quilts made by the Guild for distribution through the Hospice locations. He spoke briefly at the SCCQG meeting that she recently attended.

Cat shared the latest timeline with everyone.  We are currently on schedule.  All half quarter blocks have been completed and returned.  Cat will solicit members to hold a small sit-and-sew or two to sew the blocks together. Pat will handle block placement as she has a good eye for design.  The group discussed options for maintaining a consistent ¼” seam through blocks pieced during the sit-and-sews by members.

The Board agreed that we will need to have a table to sell raffle tickets at Road one day during the conference; Saturday is preferred, but the day is determined by Road based on first come, first assigned.  Participating guilds must perform 20 hours white glove service per day each raffle quilt is displayed, Sunday is 10 hours per day.  Minimum shift is two hours. Ultimately our guild will need 10 people to do 2 hours each as we are hoping to get a Saturday slot. Gayle will email Sharon Chaffino about our opportunity quilt and will report back with the final dates for submission of the quilt (photo) and or volunteer hours (depending on the date we are given).

We discussed the opportunity sale tickets process – printing tickets as well as photo cards for the guild. Budget for the materials is $500; currently we are about $200 spent in fabric.  Pat shared that the full budget should be planned.  Ticket prices will be $1.00/each and $5.00/6-tickets.  We will not make the sale of tickets to the Guild membership mandatory, but rather encourage the importance of participation. Cat discussed reaching out to SCCQG about having a booth at one of their meetings this year as well as utilize any online promotion of our charity quilt. Ontario Museum (and Chaffey) and Kawanis Club may be options.

Programs (Shelley/All)

July – Christine Sharp – Riverside Main Library

Aug – Natalie Barnes for Aurifil with Pop-up Shop – Riverside Main Library

Sept – What Was I Thinking? – Riverside Main Library

October – Elizabeth Eastman Lecture – Cost? – Riverside Main Library

Nov – Member University (Christine/Slice & Dice, Cat/6 Minute Circle, Simone/Paper Piecing, Laura/TBD– Location- PENDING Casa Blanca (Jen will call to ask if even a possibility)

Dec – Holiday Party/ Sweet and Savory.  Food sign ups? Location – PENDING Casa Blanca

Jan – TENTATIVE – Workshop event with Elizabeth Eastman or Colleen Granger



Shelley mentioned she will be leaving in August.  We discussed the importance of working through the 2020 calendar to plan out activities/events.  Shelley mentioned we should also plan on doing a ‘fun event’ in January as we did last year with (Colorwerx). 

Westwind Community Center, Riverside Driver just west of Archibald (off 60) $65 fee plus, $20 per hour.  We could offset the cost for the center’s fee through workshop fees.  Shelley mentioned the Janet Goetske Center again as they may still be a viable option for no fee since we are ‘open to the public’. Shelley will try again to each Andre and Jen will help her if she can’t reach him. Last option is Colony High School’s city library location. They have a room that will fit about 12 people.  The room has large tables suitable for cutting, however, it won’t work well for larger groups.  They do not allow food, but the fee is $45 for the day. There is a small area to eat lunch outside for workshops.

Gayle shared that Aurafil/Natalie Barnes’ presentation is not free, fee is $200 plus mileage for the August meeting.  Shelley made a motion to approve the funds, Ruthann seconded the motion. Gayle will finalize the contract and save a copy in the shared drive.  Natalie mentioned that Aurafil will also bring a pop-up shop for the meeting/lecture along with swag bags.  We will be charging $5 for visitors for this event.  Jen will promote the event on social media and the website.

Charity Report (Rachel/Jessica sent to Gayle)

We donated to Paradise after the fires 14 quilts. Calicinto Ranch received 14 … continue reading

Minutes · Minutes Monthly Meeting

July 2019 General Meeting Minutes

July 6, 2019
Riverside Public Library
3581 Mission Inn, Riverside, CA 92501

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 p.m. by Gayle Bennett, President.

Welcome – Gayle

The November retreat at Vina De Lestonnac is full with 22 members signed up. Final payment is due at the September meeting. However, if you are still interested, there is a waitlist. See Gayle to be added.


Road to California Atrium Exhibit

We will need 44 quilts per the show requirements and a picture of the quilt tops by the October meeting.  The photo will need to be in .pdf format, if you have any issues converting a jpeg to a .pdf document, feel free to send to Gayle and she will convert and submit the photo for you. Another option is to bring your quilt top to the October meeting, and Mike will photograph it for you.  Quilt requirements are as follows: minimum 72” long and a maximum 100” wide, must have a 4” sleeve, a label (quilt name, quilter’s name, date, etc), and modern (this is the Guild’s preference).  The show is looking for a variety of quilt styles and colors that best represent the IEMQG.

Chaffey Art Museum Exhibit

Mike has photographed all the quilts and taken panoramic shots as well. Quilt pick-ups will be Sunday, July 20th from 1-2 pm. Any quilts that have not been picked up by 2 pm, Gayle will take home with her.


The following fundraising events have been scheduled: 

July 25th Rummage Sale at the James Brulte Senior Center, 11200 Base Line Rd, Rancho Cucamonga.  Come after 6 pm, there is no meeting fee for non-members to shop.

Oct 12th Holiday Boutique at Mountain Shadows in Highland.

Dec 4th Kris Kringle Holiday Boutique at the Ontario Senior Center.

Please continue making fundraiser items. In September, Laura will do an inventory on what we have to sell. It comes as no surprise that dog related items are very popular and typically sell out, such as leashes, bandanas, clothes. The Guild has purchased hardware for the dog leashes, if you need some to complete your leashes, see a Board member. Also for the Kris Kringle event, children use this event to shop for their parents for Christmas, so we should be mindful of price points.

Committee Reports

Programs, Shelley

Shelley announced she will be resigning from her position as VP of Programs due to her imminent move to Northern California. If you are interested in taking over this position, please contact any Board member for additional information.

August 3rd: The featured presentation will be given by, Aurifil Ambassador, Natalie Barnes of Beyond the Reef.

September 7th: ‘What was I Thinking’ Fabric Share. This will be an interactive event, where members will bring fabric they’re not sure what to do with. They can also share, trade and/or give fabric away.

October 5th: Elizabeth Eastmond of OPQuilt will be the featured speaker. Topic of her presentation will be advised.

November 2nd: Member University

December 7th: Christmas Party

Charity, Rachel

Rachel has donated quilts that she will deliver to Calicinto Ranch this week. She also wants to set up a Sit and Sew to make lap quilts for seniors at Home Instead. These quilts do not need to be modern or fancy.  Looking for lap/wheel chair quilts about 36” x 40”. Candy said she would try to find some patterns for these. Also, it was mentioned that Streak of Sunshine quilts is a pattern that is available free online by googling the name that works good well for lap quilts. If anyone needs fabric, please reach out to Laura.

Block Lotto, Simone

There were many entries for the July Block Lotto, over 30 blocks for the winner – Shelley! Simone showed members examples of Fibo’s Sister for the Block Lotto for August/September and to be collected at the September meeting.  This next block is designed to make four blocks at a time using 16 improv strips. Please use warm colors and the borders should be low volume fabric. The block tutorial will be located on both the IEMQG website and Simone’s blog.

Christine superbly presented her transition from traditional to modern quilter. Right off the bat, Christine announced that she is a fabricaholic and uses quilting as an excuse to buy fabric. She started sewing in high school and in the summer of 1970, she made her first quilt with her mom’s fabric scraps, flannel was used as the batting and a percale sheet was used for the backing. Christine brought in that quilt, and unfortunately, the seersucker fabric used as since disintegrated. She took a break after that first quilt and ventured back to the world of quilting in the 1980’s when she took a class. She was still disappointed in the fabric choices, typically shades of blue and brown, whereas she was looking for oranges and yellow, or anything bright. In the 2000’s her coworkers convinced her to join a guild and soon after Christine became an Activity Chairperson for their guild’s challenges. A lot of the quilts shown were from her quilt challenges. She started finding more ‘fun’ fabrics, and discovered a love for improv and wonky type quilts. It didn’t take long for Christine to move into modern quilts, and quickly fell in love with black and white quilts, and now likes to focus on mini quilts featuring clean, simple and intricate details. The quilts Christine brought to present were amazing and innovative for their time, especially in a world full of traditional quilts. Thank you for a wonderful and colorful presentation, Christine! We enjoyed the journey through your world of color, improv, and wonky quilts!

Show and Shares immediately followed Christine’s presentation; 8 members shared their wonderful creations.


Winners of the fat quarter and name tag raffles were presented with their prizes.


There were 20 members in attendance.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:20 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,… continue reading

Block Lotto · Block of the Month

July/August 2019 Block Lotto – Fibo’s Sister

Fibo’s Sister Block is designed using the Rule of Thirds, which some may say is a sister to the Fibonacci Sequence Rule. Using math to help create & design is always a plus. (No pun intended.)

Please make your IEMQG Block Lotto blocks in July & August and bring them to our IEMQG meeting in September.

Fibo’s Sister is a mix between improv made fabric and the Rule of Thirds. The rule of thirds is a “general guideline” for creating a composition. It’s applied by aligning a subject with the guide lines and their intersection points, placing the horizon on the top or bottom line, or allowing linear features in the image to flow from section to section. It looks something like the following photograph


When following the instructions, you can make 4 blocks at once. You will need at least 5 warm colored strips of fabric and low volume fabric.


~ 16, 2”x15” strips from the warm colored fabric. This will be used to make the improv made fabric which will be but into 4, 6.5”x6.5” squares.

~ 4, 6.5”x3.5” rectangles from your low volume fabric

~ 4, 9.5”x3.5 rectangles from the same low volume fabric used for the 6.5”x3.5” rectangles.

In the photo above I used a variety of strips cut at 2”, 1.5” and 1.25”. DON’T DO THIS!!!
Keep it simple and just cut all your strips to 2”x15”. (I have a hard time doing simple.)

To make your improv made fabric lay one strip face down on another strip of a different color at a wonky angle. Sew along the right edge of the top fabric as in the photo below.

Trim off the excess seam allowance. I like to press my seam to one side before I sew the next strip on.

Repeat this process of placing the new strip at a wonky angle, sewing, trimming the excess seam allowance, and pressing. Soon you’ll have your improv made fabric.

Make sure your improv made fabric ends up at least 15”x15”.

Next trim your improv made fabric into 4 squares that measure 6.5”x6.5”.

Next sew the shorter rectangle, 6.5”x3.5”, to the top of one of the improv made squares and press to the darker fabric.

Next sew the 3.5”x9.5” rectangle onto the left side of the Fibo’s Block and press the seam to the darker fabric.

For our IEMQG Block Lotto leave your Fibo’s Sister blocks as individual blocks. Here is one what you can sew them together.

Happy Sewing!

July guild happenings – a message from Gayle

Our regular monthly meeting is next Saturday July 6th and will take place at the Riverside Main Library, 3581Mission Inn Ave in Riverside.  Doors open by 1:30pm and the meeting begins at 2:00pm. After you’ve celebrated our Independence Day on the 4th come celebrate quilting with the Guild!

This month’s speaker will be our own Christine Sharp as she presents her transitional quilter journey.  If you’re like me and a fan of Christine’s bold colors and white backgrounds I’m sure you’ll be interested to hear her story and see her quilts.  The talent of our guild members continues to amaze and inspire me. 

The Splashes of Color and Space exhibit that we have hanging at the Chaffey Community Museum of Art is a wonderful sampling of this talent.  If you haven’t been to Ontario to see this exhibit the quilts will hang there until July 20th.  For museum hours and location see their website;

The week of July 8th Rachel McGee will be delivering charity quilts to Calicento Ranch, be sure to bring any charity quilts you have completed to the meeting.  If you have quilts and can’t attend the meeting please let me know and we’ll see if we can arrange to get them from you.  Our fundraiser chairperson Laura Greene was off to China for teaching last week, but if you have boutique items that you’d like to turn in we can also collect those.  Our first sale event will be at the Mountain Shadows Mobile Home Community in Highland on October 12th.  We’ve been invited to participate in their annual event.  We’ll also be part of the annual Kris Kringle Kraft fair in Ontario at the Senior Center in December. 

For those of you that may not have heard our member Trish William’s husband Jim passed away last week.  Jim had been dealing with some serious health issues for the past few years.  They recently relocated to Spokane Valley WA and live close her daughter and son and extended family there.  Many of her guild friends have been able to extend our condolences and support to her and she assured me that her family is encouraging her to come down in November to participate in the retreat.  Please keep her in your thoughts.

Happy sewing, see you next Saturday.