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July Block Lotto (Block of the Month)

Umbrella Party! Even in sunny California, we can appreciate an adorable umbrella.

The lotto will be drawn for these blocks at our August meeting.

Donna made a wonderful inspiration board, as usual.


When finished, here is a taste of what they look like. So cute, right?


June Block Lotto

If you’re looking for a fast and easy block, you’re home! Get it?

Learning Opportunity


This workshop will challenge you to make your next quilt truly your own. No patterns means no two will be a like. Some are twists on traditional blocks. You’ll also practice sewing narrow seams.


  • Sewing machine
  • Scissors, pins, thread to match background fabric, a rotary cutter
  • 12″ or longer ruler, mat (a longer ruler and mat will work best)


  • Two yards of a solid background fabric
  • Four to six fat quarters (2 that contrast, others that coordinate with the background)
  • 1-8″ square of black or grey
  • Any of the fabrics can be very small scale prints that read as solids

For the workshop students should bring cotton fabrics. They should not worry about trying to match the fabrics in the sample quilt. If participants are curious, I only quilt upholstery weight silk and satin, not dress weight. I will have sample swatches in class.

Sponsored by Citrus Belt Quilters

  • Thursday, June 29
  • Young Hall, Church of the Nazarene
  • 1307 E. Citrus, Redlands, CA
  • 9:00am-3:00pm (set up any time after 8am)

Bring a sack lunch.

Class fee is, $30 made payable to Citrus Belt Quilters

Contact Jo Ann Coble at 951-682-5272 to sign up

Thanks for letting us know about this Cindy!

Thank You Latifah!

At our June 3rd meeting Latifa Saafir spoke to us about creativity, and different techniques we can use to inspire new, as well as give a kick start to our ideas. It was amazing!

I was inspired from the very minute she started speaking. She asked what is your favorite part of quilting? What makes you the happiest? It is such a simple question and I answered it with something kind of generic at the time. When I thought about it later however, I realized, I really love thinking about the person I am making the quilt for. I imagine them snuggled in the quilt, watching a movie or I picture the quilt beneath a fat baby reaching for a toy on the living room floor. A lot of emotions go into my quilts, in fact I rarely make a quilt just be creative. I had never really thought about my quilting like that until Latifah asked that question. I loved learning that.

If you didn’t get to be there Mike Graves took pictures for us. Thank Mike! Here are three of Latifah’s clam-shell designs. Her use of color fascinates me. And the shapes and designs within the clam-shell designs, are you kidding me? Gorgeous!

We were super lucky that Latifah is fairly local (LA). Because she drove to us, she brought more quilts to show than she usually does. Here are just a few of them.

What about you? How did you answer that question? Did she say anything that got your mind working? Did any of her quilts inspire you?

Latifah Saafir

We are so thrilled that Latifa Saafir is going to be speaking to us this Saturday!  If you aren’t already familiar with her work, you need to spend some time on her website. Her blog is fun to read too. She is candid, funny and honest, and she has some fantastic giveaways.

You know when you see a quilt and jealously think, “Why doesn’t my brain work like that?!” You don’t? Well I do, and I think it every time I look at her designs. Her designs are bold and her brilliant use of color  provides tons of visual interest.  This one is my very favorite. Although it is a simple design, the colors and placement has my eyes dancing all over the quilt.   I just can’t get enough.

Latifa will be speaking to us about being true to your inner artist. You will not want to miss this.

Here are the details.


May 2017 General Board Meeting

IEMQG Board Meeting
May 22, 2017
Joann’s Fabrics Classroom, 4470 Ontario Mills Parkway, Ontario, CA

Present: Laura Greene, President; Gayle Bennett, Treasurer; Cindy Chrisler, Secretary; Pat Klassen, Greeter. Rachel McGee and Jessica Cook, Charity; Rachel Rogers, Media; Tricia Williams, Membership; Candace Kimball, Raffle Chair; and Donna Gaston, Block Lotto were unable to attend. The meeting was called to order at 6:30. The minutes of the last meeting (April 17, 2017) were approved.

Laura discussed the timing of meeting activities for the June meeting. She asked how other quilt guilds run their meetings and got input from Citrus Belt Quilters and Nite Owls. Show and Share will be start around 3:45. The refreshment break will not exceed 15 minutes. Laura will announce that we can extend the meeting to 4:30 if we need to run over. We have to be out of the room by 5:00. The doors will open at 1:30 and the meeting will start at 2:05. Business items will be first on the agenda, and president’s announcements will be limited to 10 minutes. Shelley Waddup will bring a half sheet birthday cake to celebrate the guild’s first anniversary. Pat and Gayle will get the plates, cups, cutlery, and napkins . Pat will send out reminders to those who agreed to bring other refreshments. Laura estimates we will have up to 50 people attend the meeting.Pat requested that Laura make an announcement at the June meeting for volunteers to bring refreshments for the July meeting.

Secretary: Cindy will have a thank-you card for Latifah Saafir ready to give her at the June meeting.

Membership: no report. Trisha needs to send out an updated roster to all members.

Raffle: Gayle asked if we were getting a sufficient return on purchased items for the raffle. Last month we spent $20 on raffle prizes and sold $34 worth of tickets. Candace will be asked to demonstrate the QuiltCut II offered for raffle and also to make flyers to advertise it. The QuiltCut II will be raffled in December. Gayle examined the EQ7 DVD and book. They are for a PC only and not compatible with Mac. The EQ7 items will be raffled after the QuiltCut II.

Challenges: no report

Treasurer: Gayle cannot process our federal tax return (via e-card) because MQG has not yet updated their records. IEMQG is a branch of MQG, and we use their tax ID number. As soon as MQG updates their records and informs Gayle, she will complete our tax return.

Communications: Deb Ulrey had been managing the Instagram account but is no longer a member. At present no one can post on Instagram for the guild. Cindy was directed to send all minutes to Rachel Rogers to post on the website. Rachel is thinking of encouraging members to visit the website by having some sort of incentive. Gayle proposed that all members be linked to the website so they will get notices.

Hospitality: Pat requested clarification of the duties of the greeter. She has sign-in sheets but doesn’t know what to do with them. She will work with Tricia and have a sign-in sheet that will track up to 6 months of meetings, which will allow a quick scan to track members that regularly attend. Filled forms will be given to the president. The president should announce birthdays and attendance numbers at the meeting.

Sale Table: no report. Income from last month was $20. The sale table will be separate from the raffle table.

Charity: Rachel McGee and Jessica Cook will deliver about 15 quilts to Disabled Vets on Saturday 5/27 at the DAV open house in Highlands. All members are welcome to attend.

Block Lotto: no report. Laura will ask Donna to provide directions to the current block to post them online.

Programs: More sign-ups are needed for “Spotlight on a Quilter .” the September program will feature Sue Stone from Needle in a Fabric Stash. She will have a trunk show and a pop-up shop. There will be no sale table in September.

The agenda for the June meeting will be:
Lunch from 11:30 – 1:00 at the Lazy Dog in Ontario; Laura will host and all members are invited to attend
Room set up beginning at noon; Gayle and Pat will arrive at noon to arrange tables and chairs
Members can view the “birthday cake” prior to the meeting
The raffle table will be set up before the meeting starts
Laura will conduct the 5 questions game
Block lotto will be presented
Volunteers for refreshments for July will be solicited
The charity table will be set up for members who took pillow case kits but there will be no table sales or show and share
Flyers for the QuiltCutII will be available
Refreshment break
Q & A

The July meeting program is not yet decided. Rachel suggested having a quilt critique: 4 stations with a quilt from the Word challenge at each station, and members rotate among the stations and discuss the quilts. Volunteers will be solicited as they bring their quilts to the July meeting. Gayle will run the July meeting as Laura will be out of town.

Ideas for future meetings include : how to attach a sleeve to a quilt for presentation; Linda Rasmussen, quilt judge; and a speaker from the Coachella guild, for whom Candy Scott has contact information; mini-quilt workshop by Jessica Cook (this may be a better idea for a workshop or a sew-day).

The September meeting will feature Dave Lindquist of Make it Sew on long arm machine use and rental. November will be mini-workshops.

The next meeting will be on Monday, June 19 6:30 at the Joann’s Fabrics in Ontario. Cindy will call and reserve the room.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:15.

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Chrisler, Secretary

May 2017 General Meeting

IEMQG General Meeting
May 20, 2017
Grand Terrace Community Room, Grand Terrace, CA

The meeting was called to order at 2:00 by President Laura Greene. There is a change in the program today, Kim Wingert was supposed to make a presentation but had to cancel due to illness. Laura conducted the “five question game” and Cindy Chrisler won the prize.

Laura announced that QuiltCon has posted the challenge “Emerging Light” on their website. They also have posted the criteria for guilds to enter a charity quilt challenge, if guild members are interested in creating such a quilt.

Citrus Belt Quilters will host a workshop on June 29 with Allyson Allen, who will teach modern quilting techniques. The workshop costs $30 and is open to all. Members who are interested in attending may contact Cindy Chrisler for more information. Cindy will work with Rachel Rogers to get this information posted to the Instagram account and with Jessica to post it on Facebook.

There were 18 members at today’s meeting.

Donna Gaston received 24 blocks for the improve block lotto. Donna Gaston was the winner. The next block, due in July, is a house. The pattern and instructions will be posted online.

Rachel Rogers has reorganized the website and added a blog. She will add other features, such as “spotlights” on members. Members are encouraged to check the website weekly for updates and give input on what they like. Rachel will also post items on Instagram. Jessica Cook manages the guild’s Facebook page. Members should contact Jessica if they have questions about Facebook entries.

Rachel McGee brought pillow case kits to make for Disabled Veterans. She has labels available for community service projects, and members can also purchase the logo to use for labels or name badges. Rachel also has a quilt top and back ready to be quilted. She has acquired about 10 quilt to donate to Disabled Veterans.

The next Sew Day will be on Saturday, June 10 at the Mountain Shadows mobile home park from 9 – 5. Attendees should bring snacks and a lunch.
Aimee French made a presentation on this month’s Spotlight Quilter, Allison Glass. Aimee presented patters and fabrics designed by Allison Glass, and a top she pieced from Allison Glass’s designs. There will be no Spotlight Quilter next month due to the speaker, and in July Angela Walters will be featured.

The Word Challenge quilt will be due at the July meeting. Quilts may be put on display at a campus in the Riverside area (details are pending).
Members are invited to have lunch with Latifa Saafir prior to the next general meeting. If you are interested, you should contact Laura Greene.
After the refreshment break, members shared recent projects during Show and Share.

Candace Kimball conducted the raffle, and winners were Marilyn Simone and Carlene Scott.

Jessica Cook is this month’s Transitioning Quilter. She gave a mini-trunk show of her miniature quits. Members were supposed to make heart blocks but ran out of time. Laura provided patterns, and those who wish to do so may make heart blocks on a dark background with a modern print for the heart itself, and trim to a 5 ½” unfinished block. Laura will use the completed squares to make a larger heart. When finished, the quilt made from the heart blocks will be given to Kim Wingert.

The next meeting will be held on June 3 and feature Latifah Saafir. Guests will be charged $5 at that meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 4:00 PM.
Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Chrisler